Thursday, May 29, 2014

About Elvoria - Current Time

Forest is now divided into realms peacefully in the meeting summoned by the Erl, the Long-forgotten Keeper of the Elvoria forests. After all the war and chaos that lasted for two hundred years, he had to wake up and put it all an end. He stayed over twenty years in Elvoria to bring back what was lost and broken in time of chaos. All the power Tearborn has was now all gone as the Erl took this special gift away from Elvoria. Upon his departure, he took the Tearborn and Thurol with him to the regions beyond Hime Tree for safe-protection. As there was no promise for Elvoria to fall into another chaos for the claimage of Throne with the addition of this gift they didn't deserve.

  • Now, The Veil Court (Court of the Forest) holds the middle part of the forest. That was negotiated and was found fair by all leaders as opposed to their least important and dangerously placed territory before the meeting. 
  • Thurol's Followers band together up to the top parts of the forests, holding almost all the borders to the rest of the Southernmor. 
  • Greenwood holds the borders and inner circle to the Hime Tree.
  • Mistwood holds a part of the borders to the Southernmor and inner circle.
  • Tearlings hold the below the parts of the forests.
The Veil Court (Court of the Forest) is now leaded by Arkham again and traitor Orbus has been sent to the deepest caves in Hithilmor for a life-time prisonment. Arkham again becomes the Lord of the Hiren.
Thurol's followers are leaded by a group of three loyalist to the Thurol after his departure.
Greenwood is leaded by Prince Lorkan after the dead of the old King, Ersos.
Mistwood now is leaded by Aerys Fiery-eye, after the sacrificed old King Ingoll whose failure was considered a grim shame by its own people. It was believed to be elitist in war among the society of Mistwood.
Tearlings decided to remain unlieged and live in below parts peacefully without any reign. However, it was rumored Erl actually leads them in secret for he no longer trusts Elvoria.

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