Monday, October 21, 2013

Absent of Danger - A short story

Absent of Danger
Episode One

8th of Autumn, year is 1257...

As if yesterday was not just though to handle, now i should set on way to the Barracks, for my last watch report. Bah, quite a lovely task, took a long walk all around the coast to see what to come from ashore, continue from old forest road and return where i started this watch from, which part of this report would at least show any entertaining information to keep these authority lovers busy and hopefully away from my coin?

Bah! Crap on'em, what i earn from this mission is the reason of my existence among these. Although, no doubt their or my existence in here shall end soon enough. There is danger in south, generally speaking, i feel quite ready to face any kind of danger as long as these news keeps coming. Yet, there is more than that...

Swadian parties does seem to be wandering through the land to no avail, we all do know and are in knowledge of Harlaus' actions against our desperate Lords who are just willing to switch side at any time, specially Jarl Aedin. From what i remember and hear from what others hear, he does nothing for good of the country but just sitting drunken and fucking blinded of dangers coming out.

Anyway, it is just too early to talk about such matters. I gotta put this report in proper place. Ah! Here is my wind, shivers my chest and whispers the news of cold days, absent of blood for now. Neverthless, the day is soon, it shall come.

Walking through the streets, seeing the only Inn in town with its once existent fashion now just grows little and little with all those smugglers in it. I don't care them, but their numbers just keep growing larger and what we do is just keep increasing it. The day for rebellion is to come as well, does noone ever question the reason of their presence out of those cages in midday?

There is worse, they are grouping; i hear them talking about some mysterious speeches by an old chuff who seems to be trying to find an opportunity to start a civil war among us. No, this should be stopped, but with whose ears to talk and again; from whose mouths to get an answer.

Ah, here he is. Urthel Ondoel, an old Huscarl. Same stories all over again, with all those bravery screams and countless glories. He sure was a great deal in the army, but not because of his skills in battles, speaking so much and so direct to any who oppose himself; he was utterly agressive and almost blind to any incoming strike. Calming him down is no different from taming a boar how to not attack. I usually just skip him over, but the days are returning us Huscarls again and he will find no better brother-in-arms than me again.

Right, the Barracks. The last place a Huscarl ever wants to be, taking commands from a wretched shit; Seanorl Javer. A man absent of bravery, knowledge...

Yet, the only man i must obey without any words. He is a man of duty, sure what a Kingdom needs, but what a Jarl does not need at all. Like the call is near and he will be here as he always has been, writing and all. Again, men of 3rd squad enters in to report, and as usual i just need to sit back and wait for them to finish their bussiness.

Yes, they are done and going out, my call.

Quote from: Conversation between Aethorl and Seanorl
Aethorl ~ Mornings, sire.
Seanorl ~ Again, Aethorl.
Aethorl ~ Mind if i ask why?
Seanorl ~ No, Aethorl. Not that, but your face. Must be a shame to be here for you, yet we share not the same feelings. The day for battle men are to come and when such days are to go, the battleground will be left to us, men with words, who has something to say.
Aethorl ~ Pray the gods to make it sooner, winds often whisper of coming danger to my ears, shivering them. But i am lucky, yours would not even make it there.
Seanorl ~ Hmm, your report, Aethorl. I am not seeking of your voice.
Aethorl ~ Same as always. No see, no sea.
Seanorl ~ Good that we got something good to hear. Danger, away from our walls. You are done for today, Aethorl. Have a good day.
Aethorl ~ Ahm...not so quite. These smugglers, what is the reason of their presence among us?
Seanorl ~ In the past days, i often would not try to think about this. The reason is simple, absent of authority. I am no warrior, nor do i seek such a title. But for one can command his soldiers to do what they are meant to, one should at least know how to grab a sword. At least, that is how it works around here. And, as long as these dire news keep coming, i am not going to waste a coin of my time for these "low-profiles".
Aethorl ~ You talk of these men can even rise up against you and when this happens, you are not going to be able to do anything?
Seanorl ~ Ah c'mon, Aethorl. Here is not the capital, neither is a castle. A pathetic camp placed to watch Northern Ashores. Now, do yourself a goodness and wait for your summon. Time draws near and near...

There are more important deals which should be handled before the call, i presume so. Seems like, we were not Absent of Danger for all this time...

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