Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Great Lance

An old fairytale, an unweavering dream, a long forgotten story...

For thousands of ages, Southernmor kept this legend living, to no avail. It is a paradise of unknowning. An amaze of existence's poor mind. Where hope comes and goes by with each time story is told to a child, or a bard, or a King, or a Priest. Except the one...The truth lies somewhere.

A quote from the Oran "The First Book of Three", telling the story of immortal Baldamor defeating the Tarkhol, the once-mighty archlord. (Script 17*, page 421)

"Then he came bearing the mark of hope, taking a look down upon the armies standing before his homeland on a very hill stands tall and sharp, flashing out a complete view of greatness of the reinforcements.
I could hear the silent voices lying through the besieged walls whispering the same thing one after: Lance. Oh yes, yes...With his Lance he was...with tha, he brought hope. Along with others...Toer, Lance the Second, Loyer, Sir Magi...what a glorious view! Seven side of the wall was feasting within their bloodlust now more than ever. Then, we saw it all. Exactly all of it."

And, a few pages later...

"Within the time...I forgot, I am told of what I have forgotten yet it was never enough. I know I am only happy as I remember why I am so grateful now that I held it up with my own hands after fourty-seven years of service. Or, thought I did hold, I cannot race with the time anymore...but..."

Rest of the page is found burnt inside the ruins of Analon's Chavillion. By purpose or an accident, we are unsure. Page is declared. On the count of six, while the light is out of his lantern...ask the Wanderer.

Wanderer will be answering unbound to time. Hearing the grumpy voices, ey? I hear them too. That is when story-telling is a grace of wisdom and story-tellers lack that all. Except the one single. Find him, seek out the Lance and reveal the truth. The of an immortal or a legendary artifact waiting to be possesed? Or, perhaps...

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