Friday, January 31, 2014

Backstory of Elvoria #2 - Veiled Footsteps

Gurrosheall digged through and within the surface for countless centuries, during the times unknown to us. The ancient sheared his axe from rock to stone, from land to sea and dropped tears and they remained still for uncountable time range until one by one, picked up by a different carrier each.

Then, Thurol ventured from his tribe to low-lands first then through the Southern lands and Southernmor eventually. At the very eclipse of his life, he landed his foot on the region of Hiren. Then his soul left this miserable body and flied to the temple of Shar. When his body was found, it was not looking like an ordinary corpse. Veil Guardsmen realized that too and knew what it meant. It was a hopeless adventure turning into a lucky encounter for Thurol and the...Tearborn.

Thurol was an ornament Shaman for his tribe after all, he had to leave and venture through from land to land to meet his judgement as any other Shaman would in some part of his life. It was of the most fortunate, he found it when he most unexpected. Veil People had this one gift which was granted to themselves as an answer of their prays and blessings from their worshipping goddess, Lura. An aura of casting a spirit back to life whenever or wherever as long as there is enough light. However, there was a cost to that; recasted spirit only can return as long as one accepts the essence of Lura to be in his veins. Which causes the spirit to return in a complete different body enchanted with Light by Lura herself.

So, Thurol was renewed and was put into interrogation by Veil Court in an instant. He didn't understand what was at steak, what was happening and more importantly, he still wasn't realizing he was back in...Life again.
It took him a few days to understand this after being put into infamous and most terrible dungeons in the known regions, Caves of Hithilmor. Then when he came to his senses, he gave the answers.

Thurol didn't want to come here, it was not within his reach anyway but he was here. He was standing before the Court of Grand-conjurer Arkhell Rimbuan. The leader of Veil People and true heir to the throne of Hiren. Now the elder one, shocked and freezed from what he just heard, was standing like a monument above Thurol. Arkhell now had focused only on one thing and nothing else mattered for him. The Tearborn Thurol brought and the of course, broken chain of bound within the Carrier and the Born.

And...there was no way to revert this breaking back as Thurol was alive, as much as Tearborn was. They had to live and they did.

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