Friday, January 31, 2014

Backstory of Elvoria - Thurol's Burden

Elvoria. The land filled with Veiled forests to the below parts of Southernmor. To those who aren't familiar, forests give a display of normality and usuality.

Elvoria was once the homeground of the Ancient Kingdom of Elvorens after many others' claimage, from where the forest took its name after third time. When Gurrosheall began digging the earth surface, he had dropped his tears. From where the Ireals grown, which are the orbs of unique essence later would shape a whole new race.

Meanwhile, Ireals were each being consumed by carriers of different races within thousands of ages. But, one specificly was consumed by someone with great importance who would have an impact on history. A shaman. His identity is unknown but we call him just Thurol. Thurol the Rootling.

Thurol was one of the carriers in the known history and he carried it with a great scrimpiness. Until the last of his days...until he made his impact in the history.

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