Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kradus: Chronicles of Old Bone - Intro

Ah...been a while dust of the battlefields slipped over my body, lad. As the time passed, so my memory followed along. I don't remember what I promised to not reveal and I have already forgotten more of things I shouldn't have let fade out, but who knows...

Perhaps I am now an old man or perhaps my mouth is just too dry. Words won't come out even if I want them to.

Hmm, no...why not. Yes! I remember a thing but I assure you, my friend, it ain't any deep foul secret of Calradia or anything that might fancy you. However, you may prove me wrong after all, maybe? 

I must warn you though, things you are going to hear will freeze the every tiny bit of blood in your very body, eventually your veins get dry and you...fade away like my memories.

*With a confused look, young lad begins to accompany this now-old drunken pot*

Open your ears large and listen me now, my lad. 

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