Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dwarvelf - "Tales inspired from disputes between Elves and Dwarves!"

A dwarf and an elf. Sounds like an old myth when they are mentioned together. We all know the two races from their very depth features, specalities, forms, styles, lore, appearences and almost EVERYTHING!

However, there is something I find quite important but sadly kinda remained behind-the-scene compared to all important events and such an incredibly-astoundingly incredible strong lore. I thought I would kick this off as my own showdown and give it a chance to see if I can manage to deal to create tolkien-quality also not threating any part of Tolkien material. I will completely go through the line of Tolkien created and will be preserving all the rights I have while respecting the immense creation. None of the tales I will be writing is any fiction of Tolkien and by no means are related with him except that it is HIS lore I am inspring completely.

Brace yourselves!

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