Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Harlod Graypelt - Relentless Northern

Among the sons of Ygrion, there are those with lesser courage than the other Northern lads. Those who prefer a normal life absent of any unusality and...adventure. Those who have not much to say but speak about his everyday activities when asked and Harlod was a son of such man.

Hern was the name. He used to be cook in Sowlond, right inside the King's Palace. Torhald the Bloodless' hall was that it and within these halls, Hern was cooking one of the finest meats within this region, that fine his meat was as famous as anywhere else...even in the Frontiers of Midland. 

King Torhald would often gift Hern with several delicatities whenever he returns from a raid or a battle. Let it be a Golden Ring of an enemy commander, or the supplies of a newly-raided Al'iv caravans. Where some really handsome stuff can be made out of, like spices for instance.

However, Hern was a strange man even though of his meat's fame. He wouldn't talk without being stiffled for more than a few seconds and every time he was asked to cook this meat of his for the night of that day, he was taking himself a look of unsatisfaction and misery. Which King, good-heartedly would come to his chambers and speak with him countless of times but no matter what, he got to this conclusion Hern was this and nothing could be done about it. King wouldn't throw him away or execute for his behaviours because his famous mate anyway and Hern was just clever enough to use this as his advantage. So he had done no good to his act and behaviours to have some fun with royality without not really crossing the line.

It was the day when the King of the region next to him was going to visit and taste the infamous meat of Hern himself. Torhald invited him personally as these two Kings were two old man-at-arms and fought together in many battles during the conflicts of Neimhald.

And they had arrived. Two kings entered the hall where was decorated with tons of beauty and amaze. Not that Sowlond was an amaze itself but Torhald made special arrangements for the hall to be cleaned and to be turned to an outstanding visual joy. So, nothing was missed.

There were tens of guards all around the corners and outside the hall. All within the hall were totally absolute and fitting to such a royal event. Only if Hern didn't wouldn't turn this into a massacre of shame.

Harlod was on hunt during the execution.

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