Sunday, March 2, 2014

Damrod, the retired Swordsman of Green Princedom.

Raelth. The young wolf, a bright heir to the Southernmor throne but also the one whose right is defiled mercilessly by the Arch-duke of Lorses and the Queen of Arhgarden. They know Raelth would seek out restore and peace for the future of his lands and his father's lands. No...they wouldn't allow him to sit on that throne by his right.

And, they didn't. (See: "a Tale of Stab" (Vol. III) by Arel Dwillmor.),

Damrod was one of the first believers and supporters Raelth ever gained on his side, and one of the best and most loyals too. He was a strong capable warrior with a solid swordplay and devil charisma which was capturing the attention of even most dreadful women.

He was tall and firm. Had a bear long as I can remember, hairs dripping out of his head through his broad shoulders, eyes black as night...but his voice. Damrod's warcries and screams were one of the several impacts on Princedom Army's success in warfare. With his solid look of artistry in art of War and battling, combined with his outrageously coming-out warcries, Damrod was one of the only men Raelth would trust his life for.

Until he took a an arrow in the knee (See: "a Tale of Stab" (Vol. III) by Arel Dwillmor.), was left out as the Marshall of Green Princedom.

Now, fourty-seven years passed since Raelth courageously declared the revolution for that little village of "Pimp Baron" and forged this Princedom from ground. (See: "The Pimp Baron")

Raelth now grown into an old man but still fighting for the throne when and wherever he can, with his most loyal men on his on the verge of succession he is soon about to seize as he expects. Damrod is even an older man than Raelth now but still protecting his solid look and years of silence for one final moment of his life, as he speaks about it.

The old Marshall of Green Princedom lost nothing of his pride and charisma, perhaps a bit black here and there and lots of war scars but still serving fine to his only King he ever would give his life for. Only wished his family could still be here by his side and wouldn't be the reason to cause all this desperacy on him. Traitors.

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