Saturday, August 23, 2014

Korran - The Hunter of Wilds

Some call him Korran, but he is known by the title of "Hunter of Wilds".

Korran is one of the valuable members of Scion's Guild, located in Forests of Menwe. He is tall (Around 1.70 cm) and thin (Pounds around 70 kg.), and quick to act. He has eyes in color of dark green, a muscled facial look, long dark green hairs which often is clasped with a group of wool lines and not-so-broad shoulders. He usually wears a hunter outfit he tailored himself out of the hard skin of Gragnoks living in Hairpond, a mysterious pool which leads the diver into even more complex maze, which eventually leads to Underwater Ruins of Ashgar or so it is believed. Along with the outfit, he wears his leather boots specially crafted with special Mushrooms that grow in the Forests of Menwe, which makes it easier to move and perform difficult moves against any type of animal, a leather seal around his forehead which carries the Mark of the Guild, a scion. He also wears leather gloves which covers only till to the half of his every finger, a bracer, a pair of leg-armors crafted out of Gragnok's hardskin, the necklace as the reminder of only thing left from his family, leather skirt and leather tunic inside his thin leather cloak supported with Magmon scales.

His early life is unknown, noone knows of his family or where he was born. His known life begins with his entrance to the Forests of Menwe, the days of long-running in hopes to lose his track from the looters and when he finds himself within the forests themselves. There, finally he sees the looters for last time in the middle of an unexpected assault from the Scion's Guild, in order to preserve peace in their territory. There he also witnesses the assault was also done by several forest habitants including the Burglar Foxes, White Ravens and the Menwe Tiger, Korran also remembers an Owl signing the warning with a whistle.

After the assault, his unskilled disgusing got him away and Menwe Tiger quickly captured and brought him the assault ground. There he was going to make a decision which is going to change his life for all eternity and his destiny led him to places noone ventured before. When Scions helped Korran, he was a child of fourteen years old. Now he is one of the most valuable members of the Guild in his age of fourty-six. He still remembers that day dearly and holds his respect to who fought there that day. 

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