Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Book of Leaf

Tale of Leaves
by Anonymous

It all began with a soft wind, upon a brink of thin light slashing through then lying near and on the seeds of La'ra; leaves are given birth. Wave after wave, leaves began to pour from ground and thin air eventually meeting and greeting each other. With the soft wing behind their back, leaves could go anywhere. To the far top of the mountain and to the huge pale plain, through leagues away they could venture. Then they landed and began to discover this new strange world. They found out the world itself completely empty and untouched. The rivers were crystal-white, ground was harsh but accepting any form of living, mountains were tall, almost with an invisible peak when looked from down. 

Leaves remained at this world. They first moved from ground to ground, land to land for their discoveries. So, they ventured in groups from their birthplace to the leagues and leagues away. The main group remained with the seeds as to protect them. They were led by Mok'ko, the brown leaf.

Then the groups, one by one departed their birthplace to explore and discover. The first group was led by Akh'ron, golden leaf. Who chose to venture through North. They departed the third day of their arrival.

The second group was led by Im'on. Who chose to venture through West and they departed the fifth day of their arrival. And the last group was led by Gol'or. Who chose to venture through East and South and they ventured the tenth day of their arrival.

Mok'ko, meanwhile gave each leader a Whistlewind. For the time comes of danger and bloody day, shall this be whistled by the leader of the group. Then, he prayed the La'ra to bless them as she did to seeds.


  1. Hi Belendor,

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